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Mutees is a modern design agency for the music industry.
Our Vision is to empower emerging musicians to make a living with their music. We have more than 18 years of experience in Design, Music, Video, and Web.

The Power of Merchandise

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When I recorded my first album, I knew I wanted the cover design to be special and reflect my individuality without being cliche or boring. I immediately felt like I could trust the designer at Mutees because he really listened to me and seemed genuinely interested in my project. The final product blew my expectations out of the water and the positive experience of working with such intuitive and artistic professionals was a win-win for sure. I definitely recommend Mutees to anyone looking for professional design services. You won’t be disappointed.Melody Hope

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Release Design

We understand the importance of good images for your next release, it needs to tell the story of your song, and connect the listener with you as an artist.  And all of that in less than 5 seconds, before they scroll away.



We believe that merchandise is one of the most important tools to monetize our music, we can guide you to produce the best merchandise within your budget.

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Album Cover Design

We are passionate about designing album covers, we know your album covers will become your brand and you need to really take it seriously.

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Video Production

Everything is about media these days, videos perform much better on social media and make your music stand out, we can help you create the best video within your budget

The Story

Being all musicians, we asked ourselves one day, why do we have to spend another 1000 euros on CDs, if they are already obsolete, why don’t we better put our music in something that people use all the time, like Clothes. that‘s how it all started…

The Artists

Our artists are emerging independent musicians, that really want to take their music to the next level. We invite different types of artists to join our initiative and provide them with the best products to engage with their followers.

The Shop

Our shop is a collection of beautiful products from our artists, traditional merchandise such as t-shirts or hoodies, or something more special like Imported high-quality Coffee, or even handmade soaps. Every product comes with a unique song to download.