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Album Cover Design

We are passionate about designing album covers, we know your album covers will become your brand and you need to really take it seriously.

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Satánica (Vinyl Edition)

Poster Design

For your new release, your concerts, or just as part of your merchandise, Posters are a very appreciated item for fans. We love posters and can help you get the best results within your budget.

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Santamuerte-berlin-poster 1

Soap Design

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Merchandise Design

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zuchos hoodie

Video and Photography

We are a team of professionals in photography and video, whether, for your photos for social networks, or a video clip of your latest single, we are here to help you always within your budget.

Video Production

This is a video for Santamuerte’s single release “Cementerio”.
This video was recorded in a chroma Studio and post-produced in After Effects.

• Screenplay
• Storyboard
• Direction
• Animation
• Post-Production

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— Satánica - Santamuerte

In this video we wanted to capture the essence of the band playing live, using the band’s image, outfits, and colors, just like a real show, using a dark room to give more space and to focus on the band’s performance.
Animated texts and overlay images support the intensity of the song at the end.

• Screenplay
• Storyboard
• Post-Production

We produced the last concert of Santamuerte in 2017, we filmed using different types of cameras and drones.

The Echo of life is a short video for a fashion magazine called Designers Book, we worked here with the production team of Kriga, creating the story, screenplay, storyboard, and directing the film.
It was shot in the Andes and it was very cold, making it very hard for the actors and the production team to work properly.

• Screenplay
• Storyboard
• Direction